You’ve seen them in stores sitting next to the toilet paper with phrases like “breaks down” and “flushable” on them. However, what do you really know about flushable wipes? Are they really just as safe as toilet tissue to use in your home?

What Are Flushable Wipes? 

Flushable wipes differ from baby wipes. The baby wipes are stronger. Containers of baby wipes explicitly say to never put them in the toilet. Their extra-strong nature for cleaning up during diaper changes makes these unbreakable in the plumbing system, too. 

Flushable wipes claim that they are safe for all types of plumbing systems, even septic tanks. But these wipes don’t dissolve enough to prevent clogs. Even if they make it past your home’s plumbing system, they can still cause problems down the line in the sewers or in wastewater treatment facilities. 

Can You Ever Use Flushable Wipes? 

Of course, you can use these wet wipes. However, do not throw them into the toilet. Keep a covered trash can nearby to dispose of them properly. No wipes, even if labeled as flushable should go into the toilet. 

What Happens If You Clog Your Toilet With Wet Wipes? 

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to throw away wipes instead of flushing them. Or you may have kids that flush the wipes. Because these situations can happen, you should ideally not have the wipes in your home if you can live without them. Otherwise, you may need to make frequent calls to our plumbers to keep your toilet operating. 

If you encounter a problem with a clogged toilet or waste line, first, try to plunge out the toilet. Never put drain clearing agents down the toilet. You can damage the fixture. Instead, pick up the phone and call us at Plumbing Concepts 24/7 at (951) 520-8590. We offer a variety of plumbing services, including clearing drains and fixing toilets. 



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