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The New Construction Division at Plumbing Concepts, Inc. has had a part in building many of the finest homes throughout Southern California. We work with many of the nation’s top home builders and general contractors where we have plumbed single family homes, multi family apartment complexes, podium buildings and hospitality hotels. Since 1984, we continue to strive to meet construction schedules, offer value engineering options and deliver quality. 100% Satisfaction.

From the day we first break ground on the project, to when we set the last toilet, to many years after the homeowner first turns the key to the front door of their brand new home, we are committed to providing the finest level of craftsmanship available in the industry.

So whether your project is a 15 unit infill project in San Diego, 150 unit master planned community in Orange County, 300 unit prevailing wage apartment project in Los Angeles, 100 unit senior living facility in Riverside or 4,000 square foot custom home in Palm Springs, we have the team that’s right for you.

Management Team

The New Construction Services team blends decades of hands on plumbing experience with the newest technologies to provide the highest quality residential plumbing systems to our customers and home-buyers. Our construction team has worked on many of the finest communities built by Southern California’s industry leaders. We’ve lent hundreds of thousands of hours in conference rooms providing value engineering ideas and the best constructability practices to ensure these projects have the most efficient plumbing designs possible. Plumbing and Mechanical Engineers work closely with us to ensure their calculations are practical in the real world setting. It’s one thing to draw a plumbing system on paper, it’s a whole different level to then go about physically installing it in the field. Which is why we also engage with all the manufacturers in the plumbing world to stay up to date on all of their product. Whether ABS, PVC, CPVC, PEX, cast iron, copper, polyethylene, CSST or galvanized, we have touched it, played with it, glued it, crimped it, expanded it, soldered it, fuzzed it, installed it, broke it and fixed it.

All of this leads to Plumbing Concepts’ core belief in never forgetting “what the customer wants” to bring pride and effort into all we do. The New Construction Services team will continue to provide the highest quality plumbing system and customer service to you, our customer.

Safety & Training

It is the desire of Plumbing Concepts to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees. Everyone must be safety conscious at all times. Safety is a team effort, utilizing the efforts of our employees and managers that work together with the builders and other subcontractors to reduce accidents and prevent injuries, ultimately creating a safe working environment for everyone. Weekly safety meetings are held at jobsites. Foremen are trained in CPR and First Aid. We have a Safety Manager who travels daily from jobsite to jobsite ensuring our team is safe as well as holding our builders accountable to providing a safe working environment for us.

Employee training is one of the ongoing commitments necessary for continual improvement. Plumbing Concepts provides training for employees in the areas of safety, plumbing installation, quality assurance, customer service and the use of computer aided drafting (CAD) to help in our plumbing designs. The benefits of this training can be measured through employee retention, increased quality, reduction of re-work, reductions of on-site accidents and increased customer satisfaction.


Plumbing Concepts is a performance driven company established over thirty years ago and built on the foundation of quality, integrity and the pursuit of excellence. We continue to provide leadership and vision in our ever changing industry. Our commitment begins with plumbing design and extends through  construction, to the satisfactory delivery of quality homes, apartment and hotels in Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and San Diego counties.

Plumbing Concepts appreciates the opportunity and consideration to be a member of your team of subcontractors. Please call at your convenience if you would like a listing of refences in your area. You won’t regret it.

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    Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

    Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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