As of 2019, there were almost half a million plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters across the United States. Included within this group are more highly trained plumbing contractors. Contractors do more than general service plumbers. However, because they require extra training and experience, there are fewer contractors than plumbers. What makes plumbing contractors stand out? Why do they require extra experience? The job description of a plumbing contractor indicates the need for extra knowledge and skills beyond that received by general plumbers.

What a Plumbing Contractor Does

Plumbing contractors install plumbing fixtures and much more. While general plumbers can also perform installations or upgrades of plumbing, contractors have greater skills when it comes to installing components of new construction. They can design plumbing systems and layout the new water supply, plumbing waste, and gas lines in a new building or home. Additionally, they can fit the home with plumbing fixtures or help with major remodeling projects that may require moving plumbing supply lines or waste pipes.

The Specialty Work of a Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing contractors have extra training and licensing to become contractors. Therefore, they can supervise the work of other plumbers or own a business. Plus, a plumbing contractor can handle the most complex plumbing requirements, including installing water filtration systems to service a whole home, installing or servicing gas lines, and inspect the finished work of other plumbers.

These extra tasks that a plumbing contractor can do mean that they most frequently spend their time dedicated to using their additional skills. Therefore, most plumbing contractors will work on new construction projects and making repairs covered under warranties.

Can a Plumbing Contractor Do Repairs?

While a plumbing contractor can do repairs, they have extra training that makes them best suited to construction projects. However, those who benefited from plumbing contractors to install their new home’s plumbing should contact the contractors to get repairs covered by the warranty.

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