General contractors and homeowners should both be completely satisfied with their plumbing contractors’ work. To ensure satisfaction, demand a guarantee from the contractors. The plumbers should make any problems right. In doing so, they uphold their reputation and boost the longevity of their installations and repairs.

One-Year Warranty on New Home Construction

For new construction projects we work on, we cover all the plumbing with a satisfaction guarantee in the form of a one-year warranty. Homes that have this warranty have the gas, water, and waste systems covered for a full year from the close of escrow. If you need service, give us a call at 951-338-6826 any hour of the day or night for service or emergency repairs. While some types of damage do not fall under the warranty, our customer service staff can help you determine which repairs are.

A Record of the Fixtures We Use in the Homes We Build

Even after the warranty expires, we still keep information about every home to which we’ve contributed plumbing work. Therefore, if you have a future need for a repair or replacement, contact us. We can pull the parts your home needs and have them ready when we arrive. In being ready to make repairs and replace parts in your home when our plumbing contractors get there, we can save you time and improve customer satisfaction.

Quality Service for Every Call We Make – Just Ask Our References

In a recent discussion with interior designers about kitchen remodeling projects, the experts noted that trusting the contractors for the work was in their top five must-haves. The same holds true for any plumbing project. Whether you are building a new home, having repairs done, or want to remodel or add a new room to your home, you must know who you work with. Contact us at Plumbing Concepts to get a listing of our references for you to talk to.

See Why Thousands of Homeowners in Southern California Are Happy with Their Plumbing

Our plumbing contractors at Plumbing Concepts have worked on thousands of homes throughout Southern California. With so many homes in our history, we’ve learned several things about how to ensure customer satisfaction. Contact us at Plumbing Concepts for more information about how we can ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our home construction, service, installation, and repairs. When you need quality plumbing for your new or existing construction project or repairs, trust us at Plumbing Concepts to get the job done well.






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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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