Plumbing contractors are available in the thousands in California. However, not all their work comes with the backing of their companies. Find out how and why we at Plumbing Concepts stand behind what we do, whether it is new construction work or repairs in homes.

What We Do as Plumbing Contractors

As plumbing contractors, our licenses from California mean that we must be able to do the following for new construction projects:

  • Install waste systems to completely remove waste from the property
  • Put in water and gas lines to provide natural gas and clean water from the utility meter to fixtures throughout the building
  • Install water heating systems
  • Create connections for gas appliances
  • Install and maintain safety equipment such as back flow preventers, gas earthquake valves, gas control valves, water conditioning equipment, and regulator valves

While our plumbing contractors’ licenses indicate the minimum that we do, our culture of excellence ensures that we will do more than just the bare minimum on our work.

Our Culture of Excellence

Our culture of excellence includes a goal of satisfaction for all our work completed. In fact, we announce our 100% commitment to excellence right on our website. Our history of successful work includes more than 35 years of work in Southern California with thousands of satisfied homeowners. Plus, we have a perfect record of $0 unwarranted extras, so those who request us for new construction contractors or homeowners needing repairs won’t need to worry about surprise expenses.

We Stand Behind Our Work

We back our work with a guarantee. Our new construction work falls under a one-year warranty. For home plumbing repairs or service, we will return to fix any issues the homeowner has with the project to make it right.

Contact Us at Plumbing Concepts for Contractors Who Care About Their Work

Your construction project should have a team of contractors who dedicate themselves to providing high quality work. Contact us at Plumbing Concepts for plumbing installation in construction projects that we stand behind. We put effort into making our customers completely happy with our work and will fix it if something isn’t right. Make us your first choice for Southern California plumbing contractors.





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Disclaimer: The information provided on this blog is curated using online data and sources. We encourage readers to check for accuracy and always consult with a licensed professional before making any decisions. For the latest information and expert plumbing services, please call our office at (951) 520-8590.

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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