Plumbing systems use ancient technology for water and waste movement, but high-tech gear makes a significant difference when you need repairs or fixture replacements. Today’s plumbers implement the latest in technological equipment to detect and repair problems. These high-tech solutions allow for more accurate services that require less invasive repairs in your home. Check out some of the high-tech equipment we use at Plumbing Concepts. 

Electronic Leak Detection 

Where you see water in your home does not always correspond to the leak location in the pipe. Water will often flow along a pipe from the leak until it meets an obstacle. Then, the water will drop from the pipe and hit your ceiling or wall. 

Plumbers once had to open ceilings and walls to find the source of a leak, but because we have an electronic leak detection system, we can preserve your home’s structure while still finding the leak source accurately. 

Color Sewer Inspection Cameras 

Inspecting the interior of a sewer line for crushed spots, leaks, damage, or tree roots is simple with our color sewer inspection cameras. We record the entire process, so you can see where the problem exists in your sewer line. Like our electronic leak detection system, the sewer camera makes our inspections more accurate and less invasive. 

Hot Water Recirculating Systems 

For some homes with faucets located far from the water heater, water gets wasted while you wait for the hot water to reach the tap. In the past, you just had to wait for your hot water. Thanks to plumbing fixture innovations, though, you don’t have to waste water while waiting for hot water to arrive. By having us install a hot water recirculating system, you will always have hot water available when you need it. 

Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures 

Water efficiency has become a critical issue for many homeowners, especially in southern California. Innovations in water-efficient plumbing fixtures reduces their water use while improving their performance. Upgrading your home with green plumbing fixtures can save you money on your water bills while reducing your home’s impact on the planet. 

Take Advantage of Our Knowledge and High-Tech Solutions 

Don’t just choose any plumber at random. Our professionals at Plumbing Concepts have experience, knowledge, skills, and the technology to get the job done well and with the lowest impact to your home. Contact us by phone today at (951) 520-8590 to schedule an appointment. Or keep the number on hand for when you have a plumbing emergency. 



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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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