If you have never moved into a newly constructed home before, you may not be aware of certain attributes of your new home’s plumbing that do and don’t need attention. After you move into your new home, you may hear unusual noises. In many cases, these noises are normal and due to the locations of various plumbing fixtures. As both a plumbing service provider and subcontractor for new home constructions, we at Plumbing Concepts are here to help you through understanding the residential plumbing in your new home.

Is Your Residential Plumbing Covered Under Warranty? 

If you feel concerned, contact us at Plumbing Concepts. We have warranties covering the new plumbing for several weeks after you close on your home. Specifics on warranty coverage depend on the fixture, call our office for more information at (951) 520-8590.

Noises from Your Water Heater

One sound that you may hear is a ticking sound near your water heater. When we install water heaters, we always use a Type B gas vent pipe. As with all residential plumbing installations, we always follow the requirements of the pipe’s manufacturer and building codes. These types of pipes have two walls. The inner wall has an aluminum construction while the outer one is sheet metal. Because these two metals have different expansion rates, they may rattle against each other when your water heater vents, causing a ticking noise. Don’t worry, this noise is normal and nothing to worry about.

Copper Pipe Sounds

If you have copper pipes as your hot water supply lines that run close to other structures, the expansion of the copper piping when hot water moves through it could cause the pipes to rattle. While you may consider wrapping the pipes in insulating material to quiet them, this process requires taking a wall out to access the pipes. Instead, turn down your water heater a bit to reduce the heat passing through the pipes. You will also save money on your water heating bills.

Sounds from the Waste System

During the installation of your residential plumbing system, we follow code for every step. When it comes to installing waste pipes, we must strap them to the building’s framing. While this holds the pipes in place securely, it may cause them to make a ticking noise. The ticking sound comes from the pipes expanding with temperature changes caused by heat and cold. If you hear ticking when using your plumbing, the waste pipes are likely the cause, especially if you recently ran hot water then changed to using cold water.

Residential Plumbing Water Pressure

Our new residential plumbing constructions typically have water pressure regulators. You will find the regulator on your main water cutoff valve. We set this to an ideal pressure setting upon completion. Do not adjust this pressure regulator and never turn it higher than 70 PSI. Turning up the water pressure higher than this could cause noises from the pipes and damage to your residential plumbing appliances.

When to Worry About Residential Plumbing Noises

While many new home plumbing noises are normal and explained by the typical use of the system, other sounds, like rumbling or running water are not normal. If you feel concerned about ticking sounds from the pipes or hear any other noise from the plumbing system, call us at Plumbing Concepts to see if you need repairs or service on your system. Reach our office at (951) 520-8590 at any time of the day or night.



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Disclaimer: The information provided on this blog is curated using online data and sources. We encourage readers to check for accuracy and always consult with a licensed professional before making any decisions. For the latest information and expert plumbing services, please call our office at (951) 520-8590.

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