The second half of 2021 saw residential construction once again start to rise after a two-year decline. Both single-family and multifamily homes saw a boost in construction numbers compared to the previous year. This is great news for general contractors. Even better news for GCs is that they can work with a trusted plumbing contractor in Southern California for these new residential builds to ensure quality work.

Single-Family Homes

Our specialty at Plumbing Concepts is working on the new construction of single-family homes. In fact, we have installed the plumbing systems in the homes of thousands of people in Southern California. Homeowners in neighborhoods throughout the region have been happy with our plumbing work installed in their homes. We back up our new construction work with a one-year service warranty.

Plus, for homes that we’ve constructed, we keep records of the brands and type of plumbing equipment we installed. So, even if the homeowners request plumbing service or repairs long after we’ve built the house, we can have the replacement parts on our truck when we arrive for the first visit to save them time in their repairs.

New Construction Multifamily Homes

Multifamily homes, such as apartments, are another type of project that we work on. Since these structures share many of the same types of plumbing as single-family homes, our construction teams can easily accomplish the installation work required. Reach out to us if you want to know more about our work with multifamily homes and similar residential construction projects.

New Construction Hospitality 

Hotels and motels are structures with many shared components to multifamily homes, including plumbing systems and fixtures. Contact us for more information if you have a hospitality new construction project that you need plumbing contractors.

Partner with Plumbing Concepts for Your Contractor for New Construction Projects

Connect with us at Plumbing Concepts for contractors you can trust for your residential new construction. When you reach out, you can also request references from us to hear directly from others we’ve worked with about our stellar work. Shore up your plumbing subs for your construction project now by contacting us at Plumbing Concepts.





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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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