At Plumbing Concepts, we get a lot of questions about plumbing contractors and our practice. To help our customers get the answers they need, we’ve compiled the answers to some frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is a Plumbing Contractor?

Plumbing contractors are one of the dozens of types of specialty contractors licensed by the state of California. C-36 classification is the designation from the state for plumbers. Within the C-36 definition is a listing of what plumbing contractors can do, including installing gas and plumbing lines into and out of a building. The state regulates who can have these licenses by controlling who can apply and reapply for these licenses. Requirements to apply for a contractor license include having at least four years of journeyman experience within the last decade.

Additionally, only licensed contractors can perform work professionally within their respective fields on larger projects and own businesses. Plus, consumers and businesses alike are encouraged to only hire licensed professionals for their projects to ensure they have well-qualified individuals working for them.

What Types of Work Do Plumbing Contractors Do?

Contractors can own businesses, work on new construction, and contribute to major replacement or installation projects over $500. Plus, they have the experience of regular plumbers. Therefore, contractors can still offer all the same services for water supply and waste lines, and gas lines that journeyman plumbers can.

At Plumbing Concepts, our work as contractors includes standard and emergency service and repairs. However, our company’s main focus is on larger projects such as installation in new construction work, especially for new homes in neighborhoods.

Can I Call You to Clear a Clogged Sink?

Our team can also perform regular repairs and services and emergency plumbing help, but our first focus is construction. We uphold warranties for our construction work, so our customers who have their plumbing still under warranty in their new homes should contact us. We keep careful records regarding the types and ages of all plumbing equipment we install in newly built homes. So, when someone who lives in one of the homes that we helped to build needs a replacement part or repair, our plumbers will have the correct part on the truck to speed up service.

Contact Us at Plumbing Concepts for Professional Plumbing Contractors for Your New Construction or Repairs

Many builders across Southern California have chosen us at Plumbing Contractors to install the plumbing in their new residential constructions. These partnerships have consequently constructed tens of thousands of homes with our work in them. Plus, we’ve created thousands of satisfied homeowners. Partner with us for your residential construction or request service for your home by calling us at (951) 520-8590 or connecting with us online.






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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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