References are some of your most important pieces of information when researching plumbing subcontractors for residential construction work. Without references, you’ll have no data on how the subs work with other builders, whether they work well with other subs, and if they do quality work. Most home building projects spend up to 84% of their costs on subcontractors. Therefore, you need to do adequate research through references to find the best subs for your work.

References Give Information on Other Homebuilders’ Experiences

How plumbing subcontractors work is difficult to convey in a listing of former construction projects. Contacting references, though, gives you the information you need to see how those subs worked during their time on the site. References can tell you if they had issues with the subcontractors, how they worked with the schedule, and their pricing compared to their work. Through references, you can sort out recommended plumbing subcontractors from those you may not want to work with.

References Can Show Cooperation Capability

All subcontractors on the site need to work well with each other and not impede each other’s work. Talking to references can reveal how well subs get along with others working nearby on the same site. Plumbing subcontractors must be especially able to work well around other subs because they will return to the job site several times as the building work continues to install rough-in plumbing; add venting, water lines, and waste lines; and complete the project with plumbing fixtures.

References Reveal Actual Spending

Unscrupulous subs may low-bid on the job to only require more money during the project. Quality plumbing subcontractors may incur unexpected expenses during the new construction project but keep the extra costs at a minimum. Ask references if they feel that the subs’ work matched what they spent and if they had to pay for unexpected expenses.

Plumbing Concepts Has Plumbing Subcontractors That Put the Our Homebuilder Customers First

Homebuilders have chosen our plumbing subcontractors at Plumbing Concepts for nearly 40 years in Southern California. We have references readily available for any homebuilder looking for quality subs for their work. Contact us to get our references or to find out how our new construction teams can contribute quality to your new residential projects.





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