Your home’s plumbing won’t last forever. Eventually, you will need to make upgrades. The reasons behind wanting to update your plumbing vary, though. You may want to remodel and improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Others, however, want to switch to more efficient appliances that use less water. Still, some others want to replace worn out or leaking plumbing components, like water heaters. Whatever reason you need new plumbing in your home, let us at Plumbing Concepts help.

New Plumbing for When You Need to Remodel

When remodeling, upgrading the sinks and faucets can immediately change the appearance of a space. If you want to update your kitchen, consider changing the sink to be more practical for the way you cook. Do you need to add a sink and faucet in a kitchen island for extra convenience? Maybe you want to add an extra-long pot-filling faucet by the stove. If you use hot water regularly and don’t want to wait, consider adding a hot water dispenser in your kitchen.

Bathroom remodeling projects are where you can showoff your new plumbing upgrades. Changing the shower, tub, sink, and toilet will impact the amount of water you use in your home while also drastically impacting the appearance of your bathroom. These installations can last for years, so choose carefully to find the most reliable, timeless looks that you want for your home’s bathrooms.

Let us know what you expect from the new plumbing in your remodeling project, and we will do what we can to help.

New Plumbing When You Want to Reduce Water Use

Old plumbing fixtures, especially those from the last century, did not have the same water use standards that today’s products do. For example, old toilets used up to seven gallons of water per flush. However, today’s low-flow models use 1.6 gallons. Changing to a low-flow toilet cuts water use by up to 80% per flush. Changing to low flow showerheads can also shrink your water footprint. Ask us about other greener upgrades you can make by switching to new plumbing fixtures with more efficiency.

New Plumbing When You Want to Replace Damaged Fixtures

A water heater has a typical lifespan of only 10 years, but it may decrease in certain situations. If you need new plumbing fixtures to replace damaged or leaking ones, let us know. We can help you by installing new plumbing appliances or fixtures that replace older models.

Whether you want to remodel, cut water use, or replace damaged fixtures, trust us at Plumbing Concepts to help. Phone our office at (951) 520-8590 to talk to our office about how we can help you with your new plumbing needs.



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