During the spring and summer, many people begin planting gardens. However, your yard and garden account for almost half of your home’s water use. Therefore, to save water, start with your home’s outdoor water usage. With some minor changes, you could see a major difference in the amount of water that you need to use to keep your yard and garden looking great.

Water During the Early Morning or Evening

Don’t water during the heat of the day, especially in low-humidity climates. Watering during the afternoon will cause more water to evaporate before it can soak into the soil to help the plants grow. Instead, water during the morning or at dusk. If you don’t wake up early enough, consider installing a timer on your irrigation system.

Skip Broadcast Sprinklers

If you use an old-fashioned sprinkler attached to a garden hose, you could be wasting water and harming your yard and garden. These types of sprinklers don’t evenly distribute water, leaving some areas too dry and others soaked. Even worse, sometimes, these sprinklers will indiscriminately water the sidewalk or driveway, where the water flows down to the drain, wasted. Instead, consider having a water-conserving irrigation system installed that will deliver water to the soil around your plants.

Consider Alternative Plantings

Rather than planting according to only to the temperatures in your area, consider the natural climate, including precipitation. Select plants that will require little additional watering outside the area’s typical rainfall. Native plants are a good option. However, you can also consider plants that have low water use, such as pinon pine and saltbush. Consult with a gardening expert at a local nursery for other low-water plants for your specific area.

Invest in a Rain Barrel

If possible, invest in a rain barrel. These containers collect rainwater and store it safely sealed from mosquitoes and wildlife. Attach a hose to the bottom of the rain barrel when you need to water your garden. You’ll save water that you have to buy from the city and you can give your plants the water they need.

Save Water Inside the Home with Plumbing Upgrades

Reducing water use outside your home isn’t the only thing that you can do to save water. In fact, the other half of your water use happens inside. Therefore, you should also choose greener water fixtures and appliances to reduce water usage. Contact us at Plumbing Conceptshttps://plumbingconcepts.com/contact/ to have water-conserving options installed to upgrade your existing plumbing.



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