The pandemic changed much in the construction industry from introducing remote inspections to a slowed building demand. However, as a home builder, you must consider the future in a post-pandemic world where safety concerns remain. Here are some tips for choosing new construction contractors and more today and in the future.

Remote Work on a Construction Site?

While new construction contractors must be on-site to do their work, inspectors can do virtual inspections of the site. The pandemic shone a light on the 61% of inspectors who lacked the equipment or knowledge to perform virtual inspections of homes under construction. However, these inspectors may be working to improve their abilities to conduct these viewings, which could make virtual inspections much more common.

Separating New Construction Contractors on Work Sites

Distancing was important during the pandemic. To compensate, builders would have teams of the same contractors do their work across the entire building site, to reduce the number of people exposed if one person gets sick. This strategy can work beyond the pandemic because the flu and other contagious diseases will remain.

Building Homes with More Luxuries

Lockdowns forced people to stay in their homes for weeks. During these times, homeowners became acutely aware of the shortcomings in their homes. Some chose to renovate while others sought to relocate to larger, better-appointed homes.

Common additions and upgrades people wanted in their homes during the pandemic persist today. The need for luxurious appliances such as in-home spas, gyms, and home theaters is more common than ever. To build homes that meet these needs, you may need to choose new construction contractors who have experience in creating the infrastructure required to support such functions.

For instance, you will want new construction plumbing contractors who know how to install water supply systems to ensure that every shower, tub, and spa in the home will have adequate water flow and hot water. Bidets also became popular when toilet tissue ran short. Installing a bidet and toilet requires extra planning by the plumbing contractors, so choose your contractors carefully to ensure they are up to the task.

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