In Los Angeles, residential construction continues to dominate the building industry, accounting for the greatest volume of projects by far in the area. You need to compete with other builders for quality vendors. When finding the right subcontractors to work with you, use the following tips to ensure that you choose vendors who will meet your expectations.

Have Clear Plans and Expectations

When hiring subs, make sure to provide them with plans and clear expectations of their specific jobs. By knowing what you want them to do, the subs can provide you with more accurate bids.

Take Bids from Multiple Subcontractors

When taking bids, request them from multiple subs. However, always have them bid on the same processes and equipment, so you can accurately compare their offerings. Compare apples to apples not apples to bananas when evaluating bids.

Find Out Specifics on Vendor Histories

Look at the work that vendors have done for other home builders in the area. Ask for references. Find out from other builders how the vendors worked on-site with other subcontractors on the team.

Check Licensing and Insurance

In California, subcontractors must have licenses for their area of work. Verify all potential vendors’ credentials and insurance to protect your company from liability.

Request Subcontractors Back Up Their Work with a Written Warranty

Vendors who stand behind their work with a written warranty will be more likely to put extra effort into the home components they work on. In many cases, such warranties cover the first year of homeownership and pay for repairs or replacements of components that failed prematurely due to installation problems or product defects.

Create Clear Contracts for Your Vendors

Finally, outline exactly what the vendors will do and their schedule. Create clear contracts for each vendor that provide information on when the subs should be on-site, how they should work, what type of cleanup they must do, and when they remove debris.

Consider Plumbing Concepts as Your Subcontractor Plumbing

At Plumbing Concepts, we work with many home builders throughout Southern California. Find out about our new construction work ethic on our site. Contact us to obtain a list of references and to get more information about us. We’re ready to partner with your home building company to provide you with quality plumbing installation on the homes you work on.






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