Having tankless water heaters installed requires much more skill than simply turning a wrench. In fact, plumbers must use some careful calculations to help homeowners find perfectly sized models of water heaters to ensure that everyone can have hot water flowing, even with multiple showers or plumbing appliances using hot water at once. Find out more about these calculations and the importance of an in-home estimate when it comes to requesting tankless water heater installation for your home.

The Difference Tankless Water Heaters Can Make in a Home

Tankless water heaters provide numerous advantages for homeowners. These benefits make tankless models a popular option, especially for homes that want to choose greener appliances.

First, these units are up to 34% more energy-efficient than tank-style water heaters. For homes that choose multiple tankless models to serve each hot water source, savings can rise to 50%. The reason for such high energy efficiency is the method of heating only water when you turn on the hot water tap.

Second, tankless models last much longer than tank water heaters. The former doesn’t have mineral deposit problems in hard water areas that tank models do. Plus, all parts in a tankless design are easily changed when needed, allowing for homeowners to replace individual parts on the units instead of purchasing new ones.

Third, the smaller size of tankless water heaters allows for installation almost anywhere. Some models can even fit under sinks or inside small closets.

Why Does a Plumber Need to Do Math for Selecting Tankless Water Heaters? 

Calculating the size of tankless water heaters is vital to ensuring that the heaters will have the capacity to generate enough hot water to meet demand. The calculation involves knowing about the home’s hot water appliances, the amount of hot water those devices use, and the size of the home. In most cases, leave the calculations to a professional to avoid making an error that could result in getting a poorly sized water heater.

Calculations Used for Choosing Tankless Water Heater

So, what do plumbers do when they do calculations for tankless water heaters? They need to know how hot the water needs to increase in temperature, the flow rate of all the hot water appliances, and the number of hot water appliances. By making this calculation, a plumber can determine the best size of tankless water heater for a home.

Let Us Do the Math for You During a Free In-Home Estimate for Tankless Water Heater

If you need a new water heater and are thinking about tankless, give us a call at Plumbing Concepts at (951) 520-8590. You can also connect with us online. Our plumbers will come to your home for a free in-home estimate for tankless water heater installation. We’ll also do the math to determine the size and number of water heaters that your home may need to give you maximum hot water levels during peak usage times while minimizing your overall costs.



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