When it’s time to replace the hot water heater in your Southern California home, buying a tankless water heater is a great option to consider especially if you are tired of cold showers or rationing hot water so everyone has some!

How is a Tankless Hot Water Heater Different from a Traditional Hot Water Heater?

A traditional hot water heater keeps a certain amount of heated water in storage so that it is ready for your use when you want it. A tankless hot water heater, however, heats the water for you as you need it, by heating the cold water running through the pipe. This is the most popular reason why people switch to a tankless hot water heater for their home.

Not sure if a tankless hot water system is the right choice for you? Here are some of the pros and cons from the professional plumbers at Plumbing Concepts in Corona, CA so you can determine whether a tankless heater is best for your California home. 

Tankless Water Heater Pros

  • Hot water on demand
  • Leaves a smaller footprint on the environment
  • Since it only runs when you use it, you will see lower energy bills
  • Longer lifespan expectancy with 20 years being the average life of a tankless hot water heater


Tankless Water Heater Cons

  • Higher initial out of pocket cost than traditional hot water heaters
  • Larger families with higher usage may need larger, more expensive units
  • Slight initial delay of hot water flow as it is brought to the proper temperature 

Plumbing Concepts in Corona, CA Can Help with Your Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation and Service

When you need help with your water heater, call the reliable team at Plumbing Concepts in Corona, CA. Whether you need a new tankless hot water heater or need to have your current water heater serviced, Plumbing Concepts can help!


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