Dos and Don’ts For Your Plumbing Before The Holidays


Your plumbing can decide the shape of your house. Thus, leaving the in-depth segment of it in the hands of professionals is something you should be doing! Also, check out the plumbing dos and don’ts here.

As the holiday has begun in full swing, you must simultaneously ensure that your plumbing interface is all set to take a load off your extra traffic. This includes loads of family members, friends, and other acquaintances who are supposed to gather at your place. Since the plumbing at your home is of regular use, you will need to consider the extra people who might settle down at your house during the holidays. As a result, you will probably cook more, run your dishwasher even more frequently. Also, you will use your garbage disposal and sink more often than you usually do. 

Not just this, the use of your washrooms, showers, or bathtubs would also increase! Such extra activities can pose a huge amount of pressure on your house’s plumbing. At the same time, with the fall and the winter season almost knocking near the door, your pipes would be more vulnerable to risks of getting frozen over and bursting. Taking all these factors in mind, you will need to ensure that you can prepare your home for the holidays well. 

Here are some of the plumbing dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind: 

There is no denying that plumbing issues can ruin your entire holiday plans. It may also leave your guests disappointed in just a minute’s time span. Therefore, you should in no way choose to ignore the signs and keep them sorted as your priority. Note the do’s and don’ts as mentioned below. 

  • Do not overwork with your garbage disposal

During your holidays, as you will have a lot of guests accumulated in your house, you will cook meals for added people. Also, since such meals require much time to prepare, you will surely cook a bit extra to avoid any shortage. Consequently, it will increase the overall workload of your garbage disposal. The best thing you can do here is try not to overuse your garbage disposal. Also, you may think of clearing the whole of your garbage disposal thoroughly before the holiday mode at your home has started! In case it has been giving you any issues, go for a plumber check without delay. 

  • Prepare your bathrooms

You must do a flush check for all the toilets in your home. It is important to ensure that all of them are flushing well. Also, check that there is no water leak anywhere. Besides, confirm that there are zero water pressure problems or clogging issues in your toilets. Besides, you will have to check that the toilets that your guests will use are in appropriate shape. Keep trash cans in each of your bathrooms. It will eventually restrict your guests from flushing things like paper towels, tissues, or other garbage through the toilets. 

  • Check your drains and sinks individually

As you have checked all your toilets, you need to check your kitchen sinks, bathtub drains, showers, and bathroom sink individually. It is essential to ensure that all of them are draining slowly and there is no underlying problem with any! If any of them shows up with a problem, you should immediately ask a plumber to come to your place and resolve the issue. Too often, we think of DIY. But in such cases, the issue might have a higher scope of returning within just a couple of days. Hence, calling the plumbers is the best possible solution, as they would inspect the root cause of the problem. Thus, offer you a long-term fix that is going to last! 

Bottom line: 

Last but not the least, never ignore any sign at your home that requires a thorough inspection from the plumber. Check out and to resolve your issues at the earliest! 


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