Most people think only of plumbers as handling water lines. However, some specialists can also work with gas lines. Gas line installation and servicing often require extra training that many plumbers lack. However, plumbing contractors can install gas lines in new construction or existing projects. In California, new legislation could change how gas lines are installed and serviced, but the need for plumbing contractors will continue to remain constant for servicing and repairing existing gas lines and for installing and repairing plumbing fixtures and pipes.

New Construction Residential Gas Lines in Question for the Future

New residential construction projects will fall under new guidelines for energy use starting in 2021. Many cities began to ban the use of natural gas in new homes earlier in the year as the state-wide mandate was pending. However, court tie-ups make the future for this state-wide ban on gas in new construction confusing. The jobs of plumbing contractors in installing gas lines in new home construction may change, but the need for gas line experts will likely not disappear.

Many homes already have natural gas providing home comfort, water heating, and cooking. These homeowners may need appliance conversion or change to their gas structures in the future. Therefore, they will still need help from plumbing contractors.

Current Guidelines Include Extensive Requirements for Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing contractors undergo extra training and licensing to reach their status. Part of that includes knowing the extensive requirements for working with gas lines. SoCalGas has a 41-page book for plumbing contractors and others in the construction business on how to safely install and service gas lines. The additional learning ensures that the gas lines and appliances installed by plumbing contractors are safe for use for homeowners and those nearby.

Servicing Existing Lines and Appliances

Plumbing contractors can also service gas lines or appliances in homes that have leaks or need replacing. For a gas leak, the first step should always be to evacuate the area and call the gas company from a remote location to shut off the gas. After the service line is safely shut off, a plumbing contractor can repair the leak. Regular plumbers may not have the qualifications to offer this type of service.

Reach Out to Plumbing Concepts for Contractors Qualified to Work with Natural Gas Lines

If you need service, installation, or repairs on gas lines or gas appliances in your home, contact us at Plumbing Concepts. Our contractors are professionals in plumbing and gas line work. And even as the laws change in the state regarding the use of gas, we will still be here to provide high-quality, trustworthy new residential plumbing construction and repairs.






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