Contrary to what the largest home building firms want you to know, a significant number of home builders are small businesses. In fact, 80% of specialty trade workers and homebuilders classify themselves as independent contractors. If you are among these small businesses, the people whom you hire as subcontractors will determine the quality of the homes you build and your ultimate reputation as a builder. Discover how to balance expectations and your budget when choosing your plumbing contractors and others.

Subcontracting as a Percentage of the Construction Value 

Most single-family homebuilders spend 27.4% of the net value of the construction work on subcontractors. The percentage spent on multifamily homes is more than double, 51.2% of the net value. Because the subcontractors and their supplies use such a significant portion of the value of the work, choosing the right ones is vital to the outcome and ensuring the finished home meets expectations for quality.

Dangers of Choosing the Cheapest Contractors 

Some small businesses may feel compelled to choose the cheapest option for all subcontractors. However, this comes with many dangers. Often, the lowest bids come from companies that don’t have proven records in the field. For components inside the walls of the home, such as plumbing and electricity, choosing cheap contractors could cost the homeowner significant costs in repairs down the road due to poor installation. The contractors may not feel repercussions from doing hasty installation jobs. After all, the subcontractors don’t have their name on the home, but the builder does.

Choosing Quality Plumbing Contractors and Others to Boost Your Reputation

As a small business, your longevity in the industry depends on being able to deliver quality homes that people want to buy. Word of mouth and your reputation are very important to growing your company. When choosing contractors, each you select to work on your homes will reflect on your business. Therefore, you should only trust quality experts in their respective fields. For instance, at Plumbing Concepts, we’ve been contractors for homes in Southern California for 35 years, earning us a reputation among builders and helping those we work with to uphold the quality associated with their names. Request references to find out from other builders about the contractors’ work habits and quality.

Get References and Learn About How Plumbing Concepts’ Quality Can Help Your Small Homebuilding Business

Contact us at Plumbing Concepts to find out more about our history as plumbing contractors and to get references from our previous collaborations. With our quality construction in the homes that you build combined with other contractors who have similarly high standards, you can improve your reputation as a homebuilder and grow your small business.






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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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