Building multi-family apartments presents numerous problems not seen in constructing single-family homes. The larger buildings of multiple individual units must each have a plumbing system to service their individual bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, builders must know whether each unit will have its own water heater or a share a centralized boiler for hot water. Many plumbing companies don’t have the experience to handle these types of challenges when working as subcontractors. Luckily, Plumbing Concepts has a proven record of working as a subcontractor new apartment plumbing installation.

How Does Plumbing in an Apartment Work?

The construction of the apartment determines the type of plumbing system required and any adaptations needed. For instance, multiple dwellings may only be one to two stories each. The water pressure from municipal lines can readily reach all parts of the apartments. Therefore, these constructions have plumbing that resembles that of a large home for each unit.

High-rise apartments require assistance and specialty construction to ensure the water supply from the city can reach all the units. Often, these types of buildings will have booster pumps or use roof-top tanks to create the necessary pressure. The waste system must service each apartment. Horizontal lines run under each unit and under the building for moving waste to vertical stacks that use gravity to move the waste down to the sewer system. Vent stacks in the waste lines only allow air to enter the system, which prevents a vacuum from building up and causing clogs. 

What Happens During New Apartment Plumbing Installation?

During new apartment construction, the roughing-in process happens first. This process installs the basic supply and waste lines that run under the building through the slab. After installation and inspection of these lines, the slab gets poured. Plumbers install additional pipes and fixtures as the building’s framing goes up, allowing access to higher levels.

The exact process followed for new apartment plumbing installation depends on several factors, such as weather, scheduling, building design, and more. Always consult with a seasoned plumbing company for subcontractor work when it comes to new apartment plumbing installation.

Why Quality on New Apartment Plumbing Installation Matters

Quality always matters. However, when it comes to new apartment construction, every subcontractor’s work will contribute to the longevity and comfort of the finished apartments. The future residents of the apartment deserve quality plumbing.

In Southern California, a significant percentage of people live in apartments. In the Los Angeles area, it’s 24%. Closer to Plumbing Concept’s headquarters near the Riverside area, it’s 10%. Because millions of people live in apartments in the area, construction quality will make a difference when it comes to obtaining and keeping renters.

Choose Plumbing Concepts as Your New Apartment Plumbing Installation Subcontractor

At Plumbing Concepts, we take pride in our work. In fact, we strive to make all new apartment plumbing installation projects reach our goal of 100% satisfaction. For answers to your questions about our experience and work or to find out more about hiring us for your plumbing subcontractor, call our office at any time of the day or night at (951) 520-8590.



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