Your bathrooms get a lot of use during the holidays with kids and family home from school and work. Plus, you may have visitors from out of town stay at your house, putting rarely-used guest bathrooms into regular use. Get your home ready with the help of Plumbing Concepts for your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Changes You Need to Make

If you’ve never remodeled your bathrooms and have an older home, you could be wasting water while having to use an outdated space. Consider making any of the following changes when you schedule a bathroom remodel.

New Showerheads

Modern showerheads use less water but still offer a comforting spray. Your bathrooms will use less water by replacing older showers with new models. Consequently, your upgrade can save you money on your water bills.

Or, you could have a shower installed that offers multiple jets from all sides. These types of showers clean you off efficiently with massaging water sprays.

Rain showerheads provide water from directly overhead instead of at an angle. These types of showerheads offer a gentle shower that better cleans you with the feeling of being outside in a soft rain shower.

More Efficient Toilets

You use more water with your toilet than you do with any other plumbing fixtures in your bathroom. Therefore, making your toilet an efficient model with two types of flush levels will reduce wasted water without compromising performance. Even standard toilets built today meet stricter water efficiency standards than toilets in the past had. When you replace a toilet in your home, you can further shrink your water footprint while enjoying a new toilet design and efficiency in your home.

Install a New Sink Faucet

Sink faucets today can have a more elegant look that resembles artwork more than a utilitarian piece of plumbing. If you want to make a major upgrade to your bathroom, change out the sink faucet. In doing so, you will replace a vital component of your bathroom, that usually sits in the middle of the room.

Replace an Old Tub

Bathtubs are one of the least water-efficient devices in bathrooms. In fact, many people are removing bathtubs in favor of more efficient showers. If you have this plan for your bathroom remodel project, you will need help from plumbers to take out the old tub and replace the plumbing with drainage and a supply adequate for a shower. Alternatively, you could have a more luxurious tub such as one with water jets installed. Turn over these expert-level tasks to our professionals at Plumbing Concepts.

Trust Us at Plumbing Concepts to Help You to Accomplish the Bathroom Remodel You Want

When you have a bathroom remodel project in your plans, contact us at Plumbing Concepts. While our primary service is new construction, we also can help you with the plumbing aspects of bathroom or kitchen remodeling. Trust our professionals to give your home the bathroom upgrades that it needs to be ready for the holidays.



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