At Plumbing Concepts, we take the care of our customers seriously. That’s why, when the state of California deemed plumbing an essential business that could continue to operate despite quarantines and shutdowns, we took measures to help keep our customers healthy. Here’s how we continue to put our customers first, with Covid protection measures.

What Our Service Technicians Do to Provide Covid Protection for Our Customers

When you call a plumber to your home, you can be assured that they have received training on the most up-to-date Covid protection measures. Of course, every one of our plumbers will wear a mask while in your home. They will also sanitize and wash their hands between customer visits. Additionally, because their tools move from house to house throughout the day, they will take precautions and frequently clean off their tools and their vehicles to reduce viral spread.

What Our Team Does to Provide Covid Protection for Our Customers

Our office team also takes matters into their hands to ensure Covid protection for themselves and others. By keeping our employees and technicians healthy, they will be ready to help our customers when needed.

Our entire crew goes through regular training to stay abreast of any changes in Covid protection policies and recommendations from local and federal agencies. We also strive to maintain at least six feet of distance between each other and with customers. If we have client or customer meetings, we switch those to phone or video conferences, instead. Lastly, we ensure that our offices and vehicles get weekly and monthly cleanings and sanitations. Please check our website for the latest in our Covid protection measures.

How Our Customers Can Help Themselves and Us

During this difficult time, we also ask our customers to help us. If you or anyone in your family must quarantine from possible Covid contact or isolate from an infection, please let us know. We will try to reschedule your visit when everyone is healthy. We also do not allow technicians to visit customers’ homes if they have been in contact with anyone who had Covid.

Schedule Plumbing Repairs or Service with Us at Plumbing Concepts

If you need plumbing repairs or upgrades and want to be sure that you choose a company dedicated to keeping you and your family safe, contact us at Plumbing Concepts. Our entire team has trained and continues to receive information about Covid protection to keep you healthy. This commitment is one way that we keep putting our customers first as we have since 1984.



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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

We continue our promise to be in operation for you during these trying times. Our hygiene and safety. Protocols remain in place to help protect you and our employees. Read for more information…