As a home builder, you shouldn’t need to task your main construction team with everything. In fact, hiring plumbing subcontractors and other professionals allows you to get the job done faster and fulfill tasks that require expertise. If you’re like the majority of homebuilders, you likely will hire the industry average of 24 subcontractors for your project.

Choosing the right subcontractors does require some effort from you. With thorough research and vetting of your potential subs, you can have an effective team to help you get your new residential construction projects done quickly and well.

Search for Plumbing Subcontractors and Others in the Right Places

Where you begin your search will likely determine how much time you spend in narrowing down your options and vetting your choices. For instance, if you only do an internet search for subcontractors, you may need to do much more research into their backgrounds and references than if you ask other homebuilders for recommendations. The recommendations from other homebuilders can serve as unbiased references for subcontractors that you can start your search with.

Always Thoroughly Check the Subcontractors

The vetting process for plumbing subcontractors and others comes long before hiring them. You need to make sure that you can work well with them. Plus, you should verify their experience, references, insurance, and licensing. Even though this part of the acquisition process takes time for each potential subcontractor, don’t skimp on it. The more time that you spend checking on subs, the more likely you will be to hire quality professionals you will want to continue using on future residential construction projects. Request bids from potential subcontractors so you can compare their prices for the project before choosing whom you will work with.

Clarify the Project Before Starting

Before starting, communicate everything expected from the subcontractors. When do you need them on-site? How do you want them to communicate problems with you? What is the timeline for the project? Some subs, such as plumbing subcontractors, will need to come to the site several times during construction to install their contributions in stages. Every subcontractor must know all expectations of them before starting on the project. Clarify any ambiguity and answer all questions along the way.

Plumbing Concepts Is a Proven Provider of Plumbing Subcontractors in Southern California

Your plumbing subcontractors and other project contributors should have documented experience in the area. Our team at Plumbing Concepts has provided plumbing in new construction projects for more than three and a half decades throughout Southern California. Contact us now find out more about working with us on your residential building projects and to request our references.




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