When building a new home, it’s easy to forget how much planning goes into the process. Collaboration with other members of the homebuilding team is key to getting the job done well. To ensure that everything happens smoothly, our new construction services team frequently connects with others on the building team. Discussions with the architect, builder, and other subcontractors help us to finish the home with a high-quality plumbing system.

Collaborating with the Architect

The architect has the blueprints to the new home. Therefore, they hold information on the layout of rooms and more. Discussions with this expert let our new construction services team understand the home’s arrangement. This collaboration makes it easier to plan the exact location for plumbing installations. The layout of the walls, locations of bathrooms and kitchens, where supply lines enter, and where waste lines exit are key components that our new construction services team needs to know.

Role of the Builder

The builder connects subcontractors together while also ensuring the home meets local codes and the budget. By working closely with the builder our new construction team can ensure that the plumbing installation remains within the ideal budget set for the home. Plus, the builder works to connect homes to the local infrastructure, such as water supply and sewage.

Working with Other Contractors

Our new construction services team also works closely with other contractors. In doing so, we ensure the most efficient installation of all internal components. For example, we may plan with electricians the timing of installation of plumbing and wiring within the framing. This planning prevents unnecessary delays in the project.

Internal Safety Meetings

Lastly, our new construction team keeps its members up to date on safety. We meet weekly to discuss any safety issues on the site. Plus, these safety meetings give us the chance to verify that all our workers are maintaining the highest standards of safety while they work.

Our New Construction Services Team Ensures Quality Through Collaboration

Through our work with other teams on the construction project, we can ensure that the homeowner feels 100% satisfied with their new plumbing. For more information about our new construction services team, to get answers to any questions, or to make a reference request, contact us online or phone us at Plumbing Concepts at (951) 520-8590.



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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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