Residential construction requires teams of experts to produce each home. Many people, even builders, can forget how many people homebuilding requires. In fact, the number of subcontractors contributing to each home may surprise you.

How Many Residential Construction Subcontractors Does It Take to Build a House?

No, this isn’t the start of a joke. The number is far higher than many understand, and most of those working on a home are not direct employees of the builder. Instead, they work as subcontractors, operating under their own businesses as contributors to the home. The average number of subcontractors for a single home is 22. However, this number can vary wildly depending on the builder.

Keeping the Team Working Well by Choosing the Right People

With so many people from different fields working on a single project, the builder needs to be a premier manager in keeping teams on task. The first step in helping teams to work together starts before the groundbreaking in selecting the right subcontractors for the job. 

Finding references for subs never used is one way to do this. Also, asking about previous projects the subcontractors worked on shows whether they have a long-term reputation for quality in the area or are unproven newcomers. For instance, Plumbing Concepts has constructed more than 1000 homes in Southern California in multiple communities, working in the area for more than 35 years. This record proves that you will find high-quality plumbing contractors for residential construction with this company. 

How to Research References to Ensure Good Residential Construction Team Members

Homebuilders need to conduct thorough research into every subcontractor they choose. This means doing diligence in getting references from all those who will work on the project. Generally, this process requires asking for references from subs and contacting those references to find out about the contractor’s previous work.

Contact Plumbing Concepts for Residential Construction Contractors

Reach out to us at Plumbing Concepts to get our references and to find out more about the communities that our plumbers have helped to build. Our work speaks for itself. Let us become your first choice for a plumbing contractor to join your team.





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