Home water use: Sustainable ways

Clean water is increasingly becoming scarce, which makes it more precious, especially due to the effect of climate change. As a result, the shortage of clean and fresh water will be more common in the near future around the world. Now here comes the big question of how you can adapt to it. The very first step is to value water and treat it as a precious resource so that you use it as efficiently as possible. This will ensure water in the underground sources, rivers, and reservoirs. In addition, there will reduce the requirements for building more and more infrastructure such as dams and other water treatment facilities for water supply. So, whether you are currently facing water scarcity or not, it is necessary to find effective ways to reduce home water use and lead a sustainable life.


Moreover, you can also save money on utility bills.


Here are some of the most valuable tips for you to participate in saving more water at home.

How to Reduce Home Water Use

1. Turn off the faucet if not in use

Often we keep the tap water running while shaving or brushing our teeth. This results in the wastage of water, about 4 to 5 gallons on average. Do you know that an African family roughly uses per day?


So, try to make it a habit of turning off the faucet until you need to wash. 

2. Soak dishes in water before

Soaking dishes is much more effective than rubbing them in running water. Here’s why. There is a lot of waste of water, time, and energy washing dishes, especially when you start scraping dry dishes by just turning on the tap water. In doing so, water also runs continuously, and you need to scrape more to remove food particles. 


Instead, you can simply soak your dishes in warm water. This simple trick can help you save not only water but also a lot of effort. 

3. Run the dishwasher, washing machine, and laundry when it’s full

Electronic machines like washing machines and dishwashers can make your work easy, but this little trick can help you save home water use


These machines can use 10 to 15 gallons of water individually in every cycle. Again, an older agitator laundry machine can use up to a whopping 40 gallons of water. A front loader doesn’t lag behind and uses nearly 7 gallons. 


So, if you want to save water and get a better value for money, run these machines only when it is full.

4. Cut those long showers short

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a long bath at the end of a hard-working day. It is fine, but you can reduce the extra time spent in the shower.


You may even fill the bath only halfway to save time, water, and money. Yes, just a few minutes of showering time can help you get a lower heater bill and save water.

5. Opt for energy-efficient and water-saving devices

If you like long showers and do not like to follow the above measures to save water, here’s a way out. Install a low-flow shower head and get a long, satisfying shower. This type of shower head tends to possess less water pressure. Less water flow means less wastage of water. Besides, you can also get Ultra-low flush (ULF) toilets to reduce the flushing of more water.

6. Be mindful while watering your lawn

While you water the lawn, ensure that your sprinkler system is only watering your lawn and not the sidewalk or house.

7. Fix plumbing Issues

If you have tried every possible trick to reduce home water use, but the water bills are still very high, possibly leaky plumbing is the problem. In that case, keep an eye on the utility bills and hire a trained and experienced plumbing professional from plumbingconcepts.com for a proper plumbing inspection. Here you will find solutions to your plumbing issues, from renovation and repair to routine maintenance in the right way.


So, when you get your plumbing problems checked by an efficient plumber, there is no need to worry about getting high utility bills. Nonetheless, you can reduce the waste of home water use


Water conservation isn’t very hard when you look at home water use. It is actually about the little steps you take every day for sustainable living!


So, follow these simple steps and contribute to saving water!




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