During the holidays, you’ll be spending more time than ever in your kitchen. Why not make it an enjoyable place to cook, do work, and spend time with the family? You deserve a kitchen remodel as a holiday gift to your family and yourself.

Kitchen Remodel Upgrades for Plumbing

The plumbing system in your kitchen determines where you have your refrigerator with its ice maker and water dispenser, your sink, and any water taps. However, with the help of a professional plumber, you can change these locations based on what your kitchen dream is. Here are some plumbing upgrades for your next kitchen remodel to consider.

Pot Filling Faucet

Would you like the convenience of a pot filling faucet over your stovetop? You’ll never have to carry full pots of water across your kitchen from the sink to the stove again. Also, these types of faucets are often higher to accommodate large pasta cooking pots.

Kitchen Island Sink

You could also install a kitchen island with a sink in it, thereby giving you a food preparation site in the middle of everything, so you can easily move the prepared food to the stove, oven, or refrigerator as needed. The extra sink will also make washing dishes easier as you cook, reducing your workload after you finish the meal.

Plumbing Connections for an Extra Refrigerator

If you want to move your refrigerator or accommodate a second one in your kitchen, you may need new plumbing connections for the ice maker and water dispenser. Without having a reach to your freshwater supply lines, your refrigerator won’t be able to use these features. Let our plumbers help you with moving supply lines or adding to your existing kitchen water supply to help you with your new refrigerator.

Change Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal reduces the waste your kitchen generates from food. However, if you want to move your sink during a kitchen remodel, you will have to also move the garbage disposal. Don’t try to install or move one of these units yourself. Trust our plumbers to take on the task while they perform other plumbing-related upgrades or changes during your remodeling project.

Upgrade with a Kitchen Remodel This Holiday Season with Plumbing Concepts

Make your kitchen work for you by scheduling a remodel this holiday season. Contact us at Plumbing Concepts to set up a consultation to see how our plumbers can help you to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.



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