Easy Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips 

Your furnace happens to be one of the most significant pieces of equipment you might have in your home. 

Just like any other homeowner, a furnace is not supposed to be something you would be familiar with! However, ensuring that your furnace is in good working condition throughout the year is essential. It should also undergo regular maintenance. Also, if you aren’t very sure about where to start, here are a few easy gas furnace maintenance tips from plumbingconcepts.com for your perusal.

Gas Furnace Maintenance tips

  • Clean or replace the air filter

You must clean or replace all your air filters, including the furnace filter, at an interval. If you fail to do it, the airflow will be restricted. Thus, the air particles will not get filtered out. As a result, your system will have to put in more hard work to do any task. This will eventually affect the longevity and efficiency of your air furnace. The best possible thing you can do in this context is to clean or replace the air filter at least once in 1-3 months. Also, you should abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations, if any! 

  • Do a visual inspection.

Doing a visual inspection of your furnace filter to figure out if there is any visual damage is important. All the venting pipes and tubes need to be connected securely. On top of that, you should check that there is no smell of rotten eggs coming out from anywhere. This indicates the ejection of hydrogen sulfide, which usually is a sign of a gas leak. 

  • Clear the registers

In case the registers get closed or blocked, you can get hold of airflow issues. This happens quite often when the furniture has blocked the register vent, or in case the hot air is not distributed evenly throughout the space. Also, it can even lead the homeowner to turn up the heat. Thereby assuring that the furnace works even harder. 

  • Install and test the carbon monoxide detector

Now that you have a gas furnace installed at your place, you must have a carbon monoxide detector nearby. You must test the detector at regular intervals, supposedly every 6 months. Also, test the batteries, which you are usually doing in the case of smoke detectors. 

  • Clear the exhaust pipes

To ensure that your gas furnace can offer a safe and efficient operation, you should clear the exhaust pipes from time to time. 

  • Check the pilot light

With the help of the pilot light present in your furnace, you can check the color of the flame and make sure that it is bright blue. In case you get to witness any different color, it indicates something is wrong. Therefore, you must call a professional to check it without delay. 

  • Get rid of all the clutter

You must ensure that the place near the furnace is free from all sorts of clutter. Also, you need to check that there is no scope for the clutter, debris, and dirt to build up therein. You may do a visual inspection regularly to have control of it. 

  • Clean the drainage tube

There comes a drainage tube with any gas or propane-powered furnace. In this case, there is a fair chance that the water will drip out of the tube into the drip pan. If the tube gets clogged, the water must back up, further damaging your flame sensor. This may even lead the furnace to shut down. Know that cleaning the drain tube is a relatively easy job. All you need is to detach that tube from the manifold. Thus, use compressed air to get rid of all kinds of debris. One may even use white vinegar to clear the build-up or residue. 

  • Clean the exterior of the furnace

Cleaning the exterior of the furnace is also essential. Simply dust it off or use a vacuum to remove all sorts of debris, dirt, and dust that might be present in the surrounding area. You can even clean the internal components with a soft bristle paint brush.




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