Reducing your impact on the planet doesn’t require significantly changing your lifestyle or your comfort. In fact, by making a few changes to the plumbing fixtures in your home, you can easily cut down on your water use without impacting our regular routine. Check out these environmentally friendly plumbing options that can drastically shrink your home’s water consumption.

Showers Don’t Have to Be Shorter

A typical showerhead will use 2.5 gallons per minute of water. For a 10-minute shower, this results in 25 gallons of water. Don’t forget to include the time that you run the shower while waiting for the hot water to start flowing when timing your shower.

Newer, environmentally friendly plumbing showerheads use no more than 2.0 gallons of water per minute, while some will use at little as 1.6 gallons per minute. By switching to one of these highly efficient showerheads, you will use only 16 gallons of water for a 10-minute shower. Therefore, you can shower just as long while cutting down on your water use.

Toilets Can Flush Just As Well with Less Water

You don’t have to use an old-fashioned, high-volume toilet to get an efficient flush. Older models were water-guzzling appliances. Each flush would use six gallons of water. This high amount of water consumption accounted for 30% of a home’s water use.

Today, you can get a low-flush or dual-flush toilet. The low-flush setting reduces water use down to 0.8 gallons with each flush. This amount translates to flushing seven and a half times with a low-flush toilet to equal the water used from one flush of an old toilet model.

Dual-flush models also have a higher power setting that uses slightly more water for better flushing when you need it. You can still save water without worrying about the ability of your toilet to work as expected.

Faucets for Water Saving

The faucets that you use around your home can also waste water if they have too high of a flow rate. While many taps have aerators to increase flow force while reducing water use, this isn’t the only way to save water. You can replace the faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen with more water-efficient models.

For every faucet that you replace with a more environmentally friendly plumbing alternative, you can save up to 30% in water use without changing how you wash your hands or dishes.

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