Reducing the impact that you have on the environment does not have to be difficult. Choosing green plumbing fixtures for your home is an easy way to painlessly shrink the amount of water you use. With 40 out of 50 managers of state water supplies predicting water shortages in their respective areas in 2014, conserving water through choosing water-efficient fixtures can help prevent these problems. When you choose more efficient plumbing fixtures, you can reduce your home’s water use by up to 20% and save up to $380 a year

Low-Flow Showerheads Perform Better Than Ever 

If you think that replacing your shower with a low-flow model will make your showers less enjoyable, you haven’t seen the newest water-efficient models available. We offer showerheads that use only 1.6 gallons per minute. However, through superior design, these models can still provide you with a satisfying shower. 

Dual-Flush Toilets Offer Water Savings and Power 

A low-flow toilet works well for standard use and can use only 0.8 gallons per flush. If you feel concerned about getting enough performance from your toilet, choose a dual-flush model. These designs offer a standard low-flow flush and a heavy-duty setting for extra power. You will still save water because you likely won’t need the extra-flow setting every time you use the toilet. 

Tankless Water Heaters Save Money 

Tankless water heaters help you to cut your utility costs. While tank models always keep dozens of gallons of water heated, tankless models only heat the water when you need it. Because you do not have to pay to keep a tank of water hot, tankless models are more energy efficient. 

Connect With Us for Green Plumbing Fixtures 

If you want to upgrade your home’s fixtures to more water-efficient and energy-efficient models, contact us at Plumbing Concepts. Our phone number is (951) 520-8590, or you can message us through our online form. Let us know how you can have a more environmentally friendly home with our green plumbing fixtures. 



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