One concern many have had in the first few months of 2020 has been a lack of toilet tissue in stores. Whether people want to stock up or demand has increased, one this is certain, it’s a roll of the dice getting tissue when you go to the store. Some people have considered installing a bidet in their bathrooms or bidet seats or attachments on their existing toilets. If you fall into this group, read this first to learn more about bidets and their use. 

What Is a Bidet? And How Do You Use One? 

A bidet uses water instead of toilet tissue for cleaning the desired area. The water jets adjust to target the correct areas, and many models offer warmers to gently heat the water before it contacts your skin. On some bidets, air driers remove excess moisture after rinsing. 

When using a bidet, you can decrease the amount of toilet paper you buy by up to 75%. These devices can be separate fixtures in your bathroom. Some models, though, attach to your existing toilet. If you choose a separate bidet for your bathroom, though, you will need the help of a plumber for installation because the process closely mirrors that of a toilet installation that requires attaching the bidet to the incoming water supply and waste lines. For this standalone type of bidet, you still need a toilet. After using the toilet, you move to the bidet for cleaning off. Some people use toilet paper to dry off, especially if the bidet doesn’t have an air dryer.

Who Uses a Bidet? 

Anyone can use a bidet. Around the world, men, women, and children all use bidets daily after conducting their toilet business. These devices offer a hands-free way of feeling clean after using the toilet. 

Those who have trouble wiping can especially benefit, though. 

Installing a Bidet or Bidet Seat 

Some bidet attachments or seats suggest that you can install them yourself to your existing toilet. If you want a standalone model, you need a plumber to help with installation. 

However, if you really want to make the most of your bathroom upgrade, consider replacing the toilet with a more water-efficient model. By reducing the amount of water that you use for flushing, you can offset the water used by the bidet. Additionally, your bathroom will be greener thanks to the reduction in water and toilet paper use. 

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