While Plumbing Concepts installs plumbing in new constructions as our main focus, we also can professionally install new plumbing upgrades in your existing home. The following are some of the best plumbing upgrades for your home that we can help you with installing.

New Water Heater

Water heaters can wear out much sooner than you think. In fact, if you have hard water and a tank-style water heater, you may not get a full ten years out of the appliance. If your hot water heater seems to not give you warm enough water, it may be time to replace the unit. Other signs of a worn water heater include sediment or unusual colors in your hot water or waiting longer for the water to heat.

Replacing an inefficient model with a new one is one of the best plumbing upgrades for energy efficiency and reduced water use. Old models with mineral-encrusted heating elements use more energy to heat the water. By replacing an aging tank model with a tankless water heater, you get almost twice the lifespan from the unit. Plus, the tankless models use much less energy by not keeping dozens of gallons of water heated all the time.

Hot Water Recirculating System

Even if you upgrade your water heater, you may still need to wait for hot water to reach your faucets, especially those located far from the heating unit. Stop wasting water and time. Ask our plumbers to install a hot water recirculating system. You get almost-instant hot water from your taps.

Bathroom Remodel

When you consider the hot water in your home, you likely also think about the fixtures the hot water serves. If you still have an ancient shower or older faucets, you should think about a complete bathroom remodel.

With today’s water-efficient fixtures, this ranks among the best plumbing upgrades for your home if you want to reduce water use. Options include replacing your toilet with a low-flow or dual-flush design. Installing a new shower head will instantly reduce your water use because today’s models have more efficient designs that still provide effective cleaning.

Pipe Updates

Even if you feel that your fixtures work fine, you may still think about other ways to update your plumbing. For instance, you may have aging pipes that are prone to leaks. Instead of making regular repairs to leaking pipes, replace them. Some of the best plumbing upgrades for your home may be repiping in all or part of your home.

Older homes may have lead-containing solder holding their pipes together. Some homes built early in the last century may even have used lead pipes. To avoid lead contamination of your drinking water, repiping may help.

Let Plumbing Concepts Make The Best Plumbing Upgrades Possible

If you have ideas beyond the above that you think would be the best plumbing upgrades for your home and lifestyle, call us at (951) 520-8590. Our experts can make your upgrades possible. We’re available at any time of the day or night. Feel free to reach out to schedule a visit whenever inspiration for your home upgrades strikes you.



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