Even if a contractor’s website looks great and the person you speak to on the phone sounds friendly, you should not rely on these when choosing plumbing contractors for your new residential construction projects. The quality of a website is not under the control of the contractors but their web developers. And the individual answering phones may not be the company owner. You need to get evidence of the contractors’ work through references to be assured of the quality of their work.

Importance of References from Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing contractors abound. However, you need to do some research when finding a team to work with on your construction. Contacting previous construction companies about the contractors can give you information that a website cannot provide. Reaching out to references gives you a view into how the plumbing contractors operated and the work they completed.

How to Get References

When researching contractors, if you cannot find a simple way to request references from them, move on to another. Contractors should be open about providing references and examples of their previous projects.

At Plumbing Concepts, you only have to contact us to get a listing of our references, whom you can contact at your leisure. You can also find out more about our prior work through our About Us page or by sending us a message. Some of our work includes more than 989 communities throughout Southern California.

What to Ask of References About the Plumbing Contractors 

When you reach out to the references for a plumbing contractor, there are several questions you should ask. While the following link provides questions for homeowners hiring a contractor, you can ask similar questions of new construction plumbing contractors. Questions to ask can include the following:

  • How was the manner of the crew? Were they courteous to others on the job site?
  • Did they clean up after themselves on the site?
  • Did they have any delays or go over budget?
  • Would you hire the plumbing contractor again for another new construction project?

Asking these questions can help you to weed out contractors who do not work well on job sites. You can also easily identify those who set themselves on a higher level through quality work and professionalism, like our teams at Plumbing Concepts.

Contact Us at Plumbing Concepts to Request References and Find Out More About Our New Construction Work

References are essential to ensuring that you will have a quality experience with plumbing contractors. Contact us at Plumbing Concepts to request our references. Plus, you can learn more about the previous projects our teams have worked on. Later, after reviewing the information, if you want us to work with your new residential construction crews, let us know.









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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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