Plumbing installations differ in their complexity. Consequently, the type of plumber you hire for the jobs makes a difference. Distinguishing the types of plumbing installations done by plumbers and plumbing contractors will make the decision of which to call for your next project easier.

New Construction

The main field of work for plumbing contractors is new construction installations. These types of installations require more than putting fixtures into a new home. The contractor must create a plan for where the plumbing and gas lines will go through the home to meet the water and gas supply needs of the structure.

The planning for new construction follows with the installation of the pipes and the addition of fixtures. Contractors must carefully match the type of fixtures to the home builder’s requirements for water efficiency, design status, or budgetary constraints. Plus, all plumbing installations must meet building codes and the information outlined in the contractor’s warranty.

Major Renovations or Remodels

While most of the work of contractors involves new construction, they can also perform plumbing installations for major home remodeling projects. Major renovations of kitchens or bathrooms may require moving gas or plumbing lines. When these lines need to be relocated, contact a plumbing contractor. A standard plumber may not have the skill needed to perform this level of work. In fact, deicing if you need to move plumbing fixtures for your remodeling project should be among the first decisions you make, even before choosing contractors.

Warranty-Covered Repairs

New homes that have warranty-covered plumbing may need service. If the repairs fall under the warranty, the original plumbing contractors who installed the work will need to provide the service. Always contact the plumbing contractor to find out the specifics of warranty-covered services and whether your home’s plumbing issue falls under the policy.

Even if you don’t qualify for warranty-covered repairs but you had Plumbing Concepts install the plumbing in your new home, you can contact them for regular service and they will equip their service truck with replacement parts to match those in your home.

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