The housing industry is cooling slightly at the start of the second half of 2022. However, while large metro areas experienced significant slowdowns, micro counties and the core counties of large metro regions were growing or had only minor downturns. Therefore, there is still plenty of work available for home builders. When choosing plumbing subcontractors for your residential building projects, here are the following things to ask during the research phase of the hiring process:


Experience is important, especially in Southern California. This region has special building regulations other areas of the country may not have, such as earthquake protection in structures. Ask about the experience of the potential plumbing subcontractors in the area and how many homes they’ve worked on.

Also, ask about the sizes of the previous construction projects they’ve contributed to. If you need to build a multi-family housing structure, you don’t want subs who don’t have experience in such residential work.

Safety Policies

Often, individual safety policies are important but something many forget to ask about. Plumbing subcontractors should be aware of any safety requirements specific to the site and general safety guidelines. Regular meetings to discuss these and good safety records are ways to identify subcontractors who put safety first on the new construction job site.

Plumbing Subcontractors Stand Behind Their Work

You need to find plumbing subcontractors who stand behind their installations. Putting their installed products and processes under warranty shows the subs’ willingness to back up what they do with a guarantee. Customer service to the homebuilder should be paramount for the plumbing subcontractors, which is exactly what Plumbing Concepts does.

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