Even if you think that you already do everything that you can to save water, you may not realize how many places your home still wastes water. Use these lesser-known tips to save water to reduce waste even more.

Repair Leaks

Leaking pipes or fixtures can contribute to gallons of wasted water. For instance, you could waste 20 gallons of water from a single dripping faucet. A running toilet, which technically has a leak between the tank and bowl, can waste ten times more water, up to 200 gallons a day. You could also have a slab leak that remains hidden unless you notice moist spots in the slab or have a plumber use a detector to find it.

Hire a plumber to find hidden leaks and repair them before they cost you in water utility bills.

Choose Water Efficient Measures Outside 

Your home’s lawn and garden require a lot of water to maintain their green appearance throughout the year. In fact, approximately 30% to 60% of your home’s water use goes toward outdoor use. To cut down on the drinking water used to keep your yard looking good, you have a few options.

If you have a garden, choose plants that have low water requirements, a practice known as xeriscaping. Without having a large lawn to water, you can reduce your home’s water needs drastically.

Also, use a rain barrel to capture rainfall for watering your plants. Another option in the dry season is using gray water from your home, such as the water used to rinse yourself after taking a shower or washing your hands.

Use a Pool Cover

Evaporation reduces the volume of water in your swimming pool and chills the remaining water. This situation causes two problems. First, you will have to use extra energy to warm up the pool. Secondly, you need to add more water to maintain the pool’s water level.

Using a pool cover prevents both issues caused by evaporation. If you want to save water, a pool cover can cut down on the amount of water you have to add to the pool by 30% to 50%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Upgrade to WaterSense Fixtures

By replacing your existing plumbing fixtures, especially if they were installed before the early 1990s, you can significantly save on your water use. The average home can see 20% water savings, which can translate to more than $380 in water costs annually.

Make Plumbing Changes to Save Water in Your Home

Integrate these lesser-known tips to save water into your life and home. Contact us at Plumbing Concepts if you want to upgrade to a home that will be water-efficient instead of wasteful. We can install multiple plumbing products that are water efficient. Phone (951)520-8590 to reach our office to set up a visit from our professionals in plumbing.


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