The longevity of building projects relies heavily on the products used and the craftsmanship during installation. When it comes to new building construction, the internal parts must last for years to ensure the buyer’s investment is sound. Electrical and plumbing fixtures are the most critical components of new building projects. Having the right plumbing contractor can make a major difference in the quality of a home when the owner finally moves in.

From the Slab Up

New building plumbing installation starts even before the slab gets poured. Plumbers have to install waste and supply lines properly before the slab encases them. Poor installation quality at this step could lead to future slab leaks. Such leaks produce serious problems for the homeowners such as toxic mold growth and damaged flooring. By partnering with the wrong plumber, a builder could face serious liability issues from the health problems caused by these issues. Choosing the right plumber begins home construction off on the right foot.

A record of quality building, work with well-known builders, and an experienced team is a winning combination not found in all plumbers who work on new building projects. However, Plumbing Concepts expertly combines these with a strong management team and training to ensure the highest caliber of service and quality installation.

When installing the plumbing fixtures and pipes throughout the rest of the home, we work with builders to create the best blend of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and style. Every new building construction we contribute to has specific requirements that our plumbers can readily adjust to, for quality, customized installation in new homes.

Reference Requests Welcome

When it comes to finding a subcontractor for a new building, the research into finding a trustworthy partner should include digging into references. If a company refuses to give references or examples of past work, remove that business from consideration. Without evidence to back up any claims, a company can say anything.

Providing references should be welcomed and standard practice of all plumbers. We happily comply with any requests for references on our prior new building work or residential services.

Total Quality at Our Core

At Plumbing Concepts, we believe in total quality in everything we do. From our residential repairs and installations to our new building work, we work for 100% satisfaction of our customers. To request references, learn more about our new building, or to schedule repairs for a home, call us at (951) 520-8590.



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Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. © 2024. All rights reserved.

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