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Green Living
Here are some interesting facts about how our actions impact our environment and what we as consumers can do to help.
Green Facts
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Water Usage
FACT: A family of four, each showering 5 minutes a day, will use anywhere from 350-700 gallons of water PER WEEK.

PROBLEM: Standard showerheads installed before 1992 were typically 5 to 5.5 gpm, those after 1992 generally 2.5 gpm

SOLUTION: A high performance showerhead uses approximately 1.6 gpm which is 40-70% less water than a standard showerhead.

PROBLEM: Older toilets use 3.7 to 7 gallons per flush.

SOLUTION: A high performance toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf), which represents a savings of 20% over 1.6 gpf models, and 65-81% over 3.7 - 7 gpf models.

FACT: A dripping faucet wastes 15-21 gallons of water PER DAY.

PROBLEM: Standard bathroom faucets operate at 2.2 gallons per minute, with older faucets having even higher flow rates.

SOLUTION: A high performance faucet uses 1.5 gpm, which represents a savings of 31% over standard 2.2 gpm models.
Water Quality
FACT: Although our planet is 71% water, humans depend on a mere 0.65% of the water for survival—much of which is polluted.

PROBLEM: An estimated 7 million Americans are made sick annually by contaminated tap water, in some rare cases resulting in death.

SOLUTION: Filtering systems in the home provide the highest technology available for treatment of drinking water. Less than 2% of all water consumed is ingested by humans, making the ‘point-of-use’ systems the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
FACT: Lead poisoning can cause brain damage, learning disabilities, and physical and mental developmental disabilities.

PROBLEM: The lead content in some kitchen and bathroom faucets can be as high as 8%.

SOLUTION: California Statue AB1953 mandates that after January 2010, all drinking water faucets must contain less than 0.25% lead. There are some 100% lead free products are available.
Did you know?
FACT: If every tanked water heater was replaced by a high efficiency tankless water heater, North American society alone could annually save
                o 290 million gallons of fuel oil
                o 164 million gallons of propane
                o 6 billion hours of kilowatt electricity
Water Heating
FACT: It is estimated that 7.3 million traditional tank based water heaters are disposed into landfills each year in the US.

PROBLEM: The average tank water heater has a life span of 8-10 years.

SOLUTION: A tankless water heater can last 2-3 times as long and many models are made entirely of parts that can be replaced if they are damaged.
Energy Use
FACT: Currently the US is the worlds largest energy consumer, and for that reason is the largest source of global warming pollution.

PROBLEM: 25% of the CO2 pollution produced by the US comes from fossil fuel burning.

SOLUTION: Switching to a tankless water heater can help reduce energy consumption by 20 to 30% over a regular water heater because it eliminated stand by heating. Efficiencies on tankless heaters range from 83-93%.