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The following is a list of recommended homeowner maintenance items to keep the plumbing in your home running in top shape.
Maintenance Schedule
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As needed items
~ To keep faucets and tub/shower valves stain free - wipe with a soft, dry cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner
~ Fix dripping faucets as soon as you notice them dripping
~ Fix running toilets as soon as you notice them running
~ Unclog slow-running drains as soon as you notice them
~ Check auto washer hoses for leaks. Use only new, preferably braided hoses when connecting your auto washer for the first time
~ Check dryer vent to be sure it is not clogged with lint
~ Look under refrigerator to make sure icemaker connection is not leaking
~ Run whirlpool systems, if you have one, on your master tub
~ Turn on every tub or shower valve and cycle it from hot to cold a couple of times to keep the pressure balancing spools from freezing up
~ Run water at seldom used fixtures to P traps full of water
~ Inspect any pullout hoses on kitchen faucets for wear or leakage where the hose and the spray nozzle meet. This connection will work itself loose from use if not retightened
~ Inspect exposed plumbing areas such as under bathroom lavatories or kitchen sinks and below and around toilets, etc for dampness or leaks
~ Check for loose or rocking toilets and inspect the bases for possible leaks
~ Clean faucet aerators if the water flow appears restricted or the stream is irregular. Soak in vinegar to keep them lime free.
~ Check showerheads for irregular spray. Clean debris or lime as necessary
~ Check all exterior hose bibs and auto washer bibs for leaks or drips
Every 6 months
~ Open and close main water shut off valve
~ Check the condensate drain lines from your forced air unit to be sure they are not clogged and draining freely
~ Inspect water heater flex connectors for leaks
~ Check timer on re-circulating hot water pumps, if applicable. Be sure these pumps are on a timer and are NOT running 24 hours a day
~ Check temperature setting on water heater. It should not be on the highest setting or over 130. It should be in the NORMAL range of temperature settings
~ Check your water pressure. It should be 65 PSI or less
~ Check the grout lines where the tile meets the bathtub. They should not be cracked. Re-grout as necessary
~ Check the caulking at the tub/shower enclosures, around flanges on tub/shower valves and spouts, shower arms and caulking around lavatories and sinks. Re-caulk as necessary
~ Check all angle stops by turning them on and off, this will insure they do not freeze up or flatten gaskets
~ Angle stop valves should only be hand tight
~ If your house waste system has a backwater valve, inspect and be sure it is clean and clear
~ If your house balcony or deck drains, pour water down them to be sure they are free flowing and not clogged with leaves or debris
~ Clean the screen on water pressure regulators
~ Check all gas appliances for possible gas leaks
~ Mechanically snake main sewer lines to ensure system remains clear and clean
~ Drain and flush water heater tank to keep clean and free from calcium build up or debris